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Survival Equipment

Let us help you prepare for what you can’t prevent!

We stock a wide variety of survival gear to get you through everything from being stuck in the snow on your way home from work, your 4-hour hiking trip through the U.P., all the way to the worst-case scenario of surviving for weeks without the infrastructure we’ve become accustomed to.

From water-proof ammo cans, hydration rigs, backpacks, bug-out bags, first aid equipment, etc…, we carry it all! We’re also happy to consult with you and help plan for your specific needs, situation, and survival strategies.

Stop in today to see our assortment of survival equipment and make sure you are prepared for anything! At Tactical Advantage Guns, our motto is: “Prepare for What You Can’t Prevent!”



These are just a few of our top sellers. Stop in today and see the full selection!

Survival Gear

Hydration systems, accessories, and backpacks